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About Yui
Yui is carefree and bubbly young girl in high school, and main character of K-On. She joins the Light Music Club and rounds up the 4-person band. Yui didn't know how to play any instruments at first, but quickly picked up guitar. She currently plays a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar. Being the most shameless one, Yui stepped to be vocalist for the band's songs, but a strained throat (after too much practice) forced Mio to be the lead vocalist as well. Thus, Yui and Mio often switch off as the singer, depending on what type of song is being played. Despite being the most inexperienced player in the band, Yui is blessed with perfect pitch She has a younger sister, named Ui, who is oddly much more mature than Yui.

She can be affectionately deemed the breezy, airhead of the group. She's simple and easy-going, resulting in lackluster grades and a fairly consistent playful demeanor. Yui has a blatant weakness for sweets, food, cute things, and other material comforts, making her fun to watch but prone to distractions. Her ditziness also makes her shameless and fearless, as shown when she dons outfits other bands memebrs are too embarrassed to wear, or when she randomly befriends punks who appear too scary for her friends to appraoch. She does secretly practice guitar very diligently, when now one is watching. All this adds up to someone who is fun to be around and is pure in her mannerisms. Have you seen the Yui Un-Tan? Yui playing the castanets is not just cute, it's cuteness overload. - Written by Ava