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About K-On
K-on!was originally a 4-panel comic strip from Japan that started in 2007. It was written and drawn by Kakifly. In 2009, an animated series adaptation aired, produced by Kyoto Animation (the same people who did Haruki, Air, Kanon, and Lucky Star). An original video animation (OVA), second tv series season, and movie [announcement] followed. The genres that best encapsulates K-On! are slice of life, comedy, and moe.

The storyline follows the current Light Music Club and the resulting band, Afternoon Teatime. The band members consist of shameless vocalist/guitarist Yui, timid vocalist/bass guitarist Mio, sweet keyboard player Tsumugi, energetic drummer Ritsu, and the youngest, rhythm guitarist Azusa. Together they form their band, brainstorm new lyrics, rock their live shows, as well as enjoy their vacations, holidays, and general school life together. - Written by Ava